Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jessica Alba or Jessica Tandy?

How would you rate Carmen Electra on a scale of 1 to 10? How about Pamela Anderson? Jessica Alba? Where does Janet Reno fall in there? And Rosie O’Donnel What about Starr Jones?

If you answered correctly, they should have all received the same rating. The actual number matters not; what matters is that they categorically fall into the same rank. Yes, even on a looks scale.

Last time we discussed Level 5 Player status and how honesty and emotional truth transcends your game from bar hipster to global playboy. There is another dimension to Level 5 Player status. To the Level 5 Player, all women take the same form, regardless of beauty. They are all part of his planetary casting call, auditioning for the part of his (temporary) lover. To him, whether it’s Jessica Alby or Jessica Tandy, everything that they say, do or imply—yes, everything—is interpreted by him in the following framework:

“She likes me and is trying to get me to sleep with her. Everything that comes out of her mouth is an attempt to have me approve of her as beautiful and/or cool. We will sleep together but only if she meets my standards of intelligence/beauty/character/personality.”

This is, to borrow a scientific term, the Metaframe a Level 5 Player has not only adopted, but inhabited. Observe him at work and you’ll notice he’s just as cool around a gaggle of beautiful women as he is talking to octagenarians at a Convalescent Bingo Hall. To him, they’re all the same. Women trying to win his affection and admiration, as he is the prize.

This MetaFrame may seem odd and counterintuitive to you. We’ve all grown up with false notions of gender dynamics such as, “Beautiful women are bitches”, “Average looking women are easier to land and less high-maintenance”, “Hot chicks demand a lot of attention and money”, “The less attractive a woman is, the nicer she is,”. On and on and on.

The media perpetuates the bogus notion that put beautiful women on the level of deity. For every gorgeous brunette sashaying down 5th Ave. in some cheesy opening movie montage, there’s the bumbling buffoon of a man, mouth agape, looking like he just witnessed the Second Coming of Christ. Television commercials, print ads and sitcom depictions all reinforce this imbalanced perspective.

It is small wonder, then, that so many men buy into this idea that beautiful women are like rarified air, to be enjoyed by the select few, of which they are not a part. It is small wonder, also, that there are so few Level 5 Players out there who have embraced the notion of emotional honesty, fearlessness and personal prizability. Everything in society indicates the contrary!

The truth is that the most beautiful women in the world would give anything to be approached more often by the men who waste their time hitting on the 6’s and 7’s who are the sure thing. Beautiful women are among the most insecure women in the world, in constant need of approval and flattery to assure themselves of their tenuous toehold on the largely feeble-minded male population.

Once you understand this, you will begin to see these women not as super-confident glamour deities, but rather as fragile humans, pining for your attention and affection, hoping to win you over and get your approval so you’ll see them as beautiful. Sound familiar? Read the Meta-Frame above in quotes again. And again. Until you’ve committed it to memory and adopted it as part of your persona, keep reading it.

Level 5 Players don’t “pick up” women. They hold auditions. They interview for those who meet their qualifications and criteria. Sometimes they may let an exception through, but they decide who sleeps with who, when, and under what circumstances.

Some of you may be struggling with this counterintuitive, indeed counter-biological, notion of the man as gatekeeper to the vagina. However, the fact is that by controlling that gate, you are not wresting away a woman’s power, you are in fact doing her a favor.

In the last article we reviewed how personal prizability is as selfless an act as exists, namely because it does not deny the object of your affection the intensity of attraction. We’ve already reviewed how attraction is created, not arbitrary, and, as such, it is something that any selfless, caring man would want his object of affection to feel. Denying that is selfish, is it not?

Putting the two together, by becoming the veritable gatekeeper of her vagina, using Level 5 Player Metaframes and mindsets, you are giving women what they want—especially beautiful women—the intense satisfaction of being in the company of a man that commands himself with such strength and control that their loins ache for your touch, their lips quiver for yours and their heart begs for your embrace. Above all, her very insides crave your cock. Wrap your mind around that one, son.

Going back now, remember this all begins with perception. How we view women; how we decide to view women. No one is saying it is easy. Staring at the ample cleavage of a beautiful woman can throw us off at times and cause us to be nervous, unsure of our words. Practice viewing ugly women the same way you do beautiful women. Remember, they are all part of the same casting call auditioning for the role of your lover.

Keep in mind also that above looks and charm, women respond to a man who is in emotional control. Flattering her or going ga-ga over her ta-tas does not demonstrate emotional control, just desire. While effective at times, desire alone will not earn you Level 5 Player status. You must learn to be impregnable to the feminine mystique. Not unaffected by it, mind you, just in control of it. If a man is in control of his emotions a woman loses control over her desire. This can be a dangerous weapon in your arsenal.

In sum, Jessica Alba = Jessica Tandy. If you see it any different you are empowering someone other than yourself, which is a disservice to the woman you hanker after, who relies on you to create the attraction within her. How is that done? To attain Level 5 Player status, you must view all women as part of you casting call, auditioning for the role of your lover. Repeat the mantra in quotes above until it becomes part of who you are and ignore the bogus social programming regarding gender dynamics that you were raised to believe and continues to be reinforced. Create a new agreement with reality by creating your own, like the one in quotes above.

Do this, and the only relevant ranking you will ever care about will be your own.


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