Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The purpose of this blog is to heighten the understanding and increase the sensitivity between men and women by bridging the ever-widening emotional, political, sexual and social gap between us.

A secondary goal of this blog, what will be an ongoing discussion, is whether the current shift towards a male-female paradigm that seeks to defy our inherent differences is in fact in service of equality, or inequality.

The ideas written here are written by men. Men and women alike are encouraged to write in with dissenting opinions, as this is NOT a “woman bashing” site.

Those women who believe that the ideas expressed here aim to disempower or degrade them in any way in order for men to “take back what’s ours” are decidedly wrong. This will be a discussion, frank and politically incorrect, about what is going on between men and women today.

Among the topics that will be discussed are:

--The vaginization of men via popular culture and the media.
--The role of feminism in the decay of male-female relationships (professional, sexual, political)
--“Fem”inism vs. “Men”inism
--Why women’s rise in the workplace has contributed to increase usage of prescription pills, depression and suicide among women.
--Divorce statistics and what they mean.
--The decay of marriage…it’s a good thing.
--The epidemic of cheating. Who or what is to blame?
--The Cleavers vs. The Bundys
--Why a woman should never be president.
--Mannys, Murses & Metrosexuals…The slow extinction of Men.
--The Baloney of Alimony
--A man’s Right To Choose.
--Contraceptive Contraditions

To be sure, the positions taken on the topics discussed will be controversial. They might anger some women, perhaps most. We don’t give a shit. It is time that someone brings to light the biggest social scourge plaguing this country today—the blurring of gender identification.

The once noble goal of female empowerment has been perverted at the expense of men. Thanks to the last 25 years, our young daughters now grow up with sick notions of men as dispensable sperm donors and ATM machines, to be used and discarded like soiled Kleenex. Deadbeat fathers, cheating husbands, asshole boyfriends. These are the prefixes our young women learn before they even reach puberty. Be it from the media, spurned single mothers or the overly-politicized, heavily-vaginized education system, these are the messages our future girlfriends, mothers and wives are receiving.

Men have had enough. The revolution begins now. Let the “Men”inist Movement begin!


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