Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Foundation

In the Beginning - Meninism

The Foundation - the bedrock upon which Rome will indeed be built, will be laid by the experience of intense self reflection and disciplined practice in the field. This ultimate goal of the foundation will be the formation of a World View; a World View being deeper than stupid behavioral tricks, simple self awareness, or slogans catchier than The Clap on a hooker's futon. While this World View may indeed contain such elements, Nirvana here will be defined as the identification that there is indeed "no spoon"; the safety nets of rote memorization no longer needed; the training wheels of validation removed; the hazy gauze of prior learning unraveled, leaving us to see the world as it truly only by ourselves.

While the transformation of the mind's eye from that of a tight fist, to that of an open, honest, objective eye should be viewed as a destination, with myriad paths, forks and dead-ends, in order to free our mind's eye from the Louis Vuitton baggage of the endless barrage of marketing images and the feminization of today's man we determined to set forth one path. The gradual awakening (opening), unlearning and reeducation of the eye will be for the most part, so discreet as to be undetectable moment to moment. But the initial shock will be eye-opening indeed. It will also be the most superficial point, the awakening. The emphasis will be placed on the external, with the larger (macro) goal being the gradual shifting of the internal paradigm. Emphasis will be placed initially on tactile elements, in order to disrupt the current negative flow, in order to awaken you as if icy water had been poured on you. The tangible will be necessary to open the eye, to awaken it, but if the shift does not occur at a more profound internal level, the void will cease to disappear. One would become simply a computer program, automated without a sense of self-fulfillment. Like a computer program, you would know what to do, maybe occassionally achieving the desired result, but would never reach Nirvana, or a lasting state of satiation. The unquenchable thirst that fills you, would not be sated, and you would still crawl the desert floor of your previous existence, without the existential water to ease your restless soul.

Sexual or Romantic

The addressing of each and every one of these is crucial to your development, and none of them can be ignored if the whole is to be considered. Whether you want to succeed in Business, with Women or a Special Someone, or just have the desire to make yourself a better person, all of these must be considered. Once awake, your eye will never be able to sleep again.

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