Monday, February 19, 2007

Feminism Run Amuck in Today's Headlines

All of these news stories, ripped straight from the headlines, well illustrate feminism run amuck:

(New York, NY)—Women, on average, say they would be willing to give up sex for 15 months for a closet full of new apparel, with 2 percent ready to abstain from sex for three years in exchange for new duds, according to a new survey of about 1,000 women in 10 U.S. cities. Sixty-one percent of women polled said it would be worse to lose their favorite article of clothing than give up sex for a month.

Meninist Message: Beware, men, of any woman who does not desire you, lust after you, fantasize about you and want to rip your clothes off in equal measure, if not greater, than your own desire to do the same to her. Healthy, well-adjusted women much prefer to tear off the clothes of their partner than to have new ones purchased for them. As much as women love shopping and shoes and handbags and accessorizing, what they really love—need—more than anything, is the penetrating thrust of strength and affection they receive from a real man. Remember that the next time, you start thinking in terms of “getting lucky” or “scoring”. The luck is mutual when the score is even.

--(Los Angeles, CA)—A couple engaged to be married decided mutually to assume the woman’s last name upon marriage in response to what they feel is a patriarchal society that oppresses women. The soon-to-be-husband said the idea was his when he consulted with his wife and she felt uncomfortable assuming his last name, as it opposed her beliefs about gender equality. They have filed suit in California, which has no surname exemption for assuming the woman’s last name. The ACLU has taken on the case.

Meninist Message: This one is simple. As with men opening doors for ladies, walking on the outside edge of the curb to protect her, asking her father’s permission to ask for her hand in marriage and subsequently getting on bended knee to ask her, a woman assuming a man’s last name in betrothal is strictly a matter of longstanding tradition. And so it shall remain. Sure there are historical reasons for its existence but they are entirely irrelevant today. The day women get on bended knee to pledge their undying love for us and beg our hand in marriage; open car doors for men and stand between us and danger when it threatens our household, is the day I will consider amending this tradition. This one is a gimme, people, a matter of tradition like a man asking a lady dance instead of vice versa. I’m all for reversing social policy and bucking tradition when it proves anachronistic and/or counterproductive. But the surname tradition will stay. Just as sure as I will rise in admiration and deference when my lady steps to the dinner table while I’m seated, so too will she smile politely and proudly when she’s addressed as Mrs. Lidgi by the maitre’d. One more thing: anyone with a hyphenated last name or let his wife retain her maiden name, I have one word for you. Pussy.

--(New York, NY)—A study of American women whose net worth exceeds $10 million suggests that money contributes to a more satisfying sex life for women, including more partners, higher reported frequency of sex, more excitement and a higher overall level of enjoyment. The study also revealed that women with more money were more likely than their less affluent female counterparts to have affairs, engage in group sex and swinger activities, cheat on their spouses and be more demanding sexually.

Meninist Message: What women have gained in political, financial and social power they’ve given up, in proportionate measure, in sexual power. No more is it true that women are less horny or less sexually demanding than men. The opposite could in fact be true. We’ve noted before that women’s ascension in the workplace and in social circles should be viewed as a positive step towards female-actualization. The price they’ve paid is a relinquishment of their sexual capital. If not tipped towards our side, it is at the very least balanced now. More women than ever are complaining about not being able to get laid, being sexually deprived from their partner, being twice as needy as men of sexual gratification and just plain sexually frustrated. Ring a bell, men? For the first time in history statistics for men and women cheating on each other’s spouses and/or significant others are almost identical. 66% of men report to having cheated on their wife, with over 50% for women. Stop seeing women as delicate little flowers that need to be wined and dined and cajoled into sex. Remember, whereas once we leveraged our financial and political capital for sex, we now can use our sexual capital for…sex.

--(Washington, D.C.)—National census figures just released reveal that for the first time in this nation’s history, single households outweigh married households by a margin of 50.9% to 49.1%. The numbers are telling in that they have enormous social implications that may help explain the high rate of divorce, the increasing number of men and women that are putting off getting married and starting a family, and infidelity statistics.

Meninist Message: Where do we start? This statistic should be utterly shocking to you if you really let it sink in. At no time in the history of our nation—think about it—have single households outweighed married ones. Why now? Sadly, the cycle proceeded thus: Feminists run amuck with man-hating notions of sexual superiority and gender bias…the once-sacred paradigm of man-woman-family disintegrates in favor of mutual independence and unfettered ambition…romantic relationships devolve into little more than convenient transactional arrangements that have little to do with respect or love…divorce rates soar as the new propaganda about female empowerment and male subversion spreads like venom…infidelity sees its vogue as the new instrument for self-empowerment and emotional therapy in lieu of open communication…marriage becomes the perennial butt of jokes, likening it to prison, captivity and The End…and then the Census statistics come out and…we’re surprised?

Again, these news stories are real. Men need to think about the ramifications of these stories and what they mean from a societal standpoint. Having a blasé, “Eh, who cares, women will be women” attitude will weaken you individually and us as a group. Until the Feminist movement becomes accountable for the damage it is doing to our nation’s daughters, the Meninist Movement will have to bear that burden.

Join us.


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